[broadcast] RED BULL RADIO: Ash Lauryn


Ash Lauryn’s ‘Detroit Classics’ Headphone Highlights–recorded with me in Berlin last month–will premiere tomorrow on Red Bull Radio–timezones in the banner!

Rising DJ Ash Lauryn is perhaps the best-placed person to wax lyrical about the legacy of Detroit electronic music, even though she has been based out of Atlanta for more than a decade. It was this move in her early 20s that helped her gain perspective on her beloved hometown Detroit, showing her the impact and reach of its legacy and the need to preserve it for future generations. Over the last couple of years on the DJ circuit, and through her blog, Underground and Black, she has done just that, while also advocating for inclusivity in dance music. Woven throughout it all is a love of music that formed while listening to WJLB as a child. For her Headphone Highlights Ash Lauryn pays tribute to the black electronic music that has emerged from her fascinating hometown, while at the same time pondering her future moves in the production studio, adding to the city’s ever-evolving musical story.

Listen HERE