[film] Red Bull Music Academy: Kevin Saunderson

“If Detroit techno had a Mount Rushmore, Kevin Saunderson’s face would be carved in granite alongside the other members of the “Belleville Three,” Juan Atkins and Derrick May. While Atkins and May are known as the originator and innovator of Detroit techno, respectively, Saunderson is often called the elevator for his role in bringing it to the mainstream. In the late ’80s, his group Inner City, which he formed with vocalist Paris Grey, topped UK charts with singles like “Big Fun” and “Good Life.” A stark departure from the more industrial work of Atkins and May, the pop-minded songs from Inner City’s platinum-selling Paradise (titled Big Fun in the US) and subsequent albums soundtracked clubs and raves around the world, and inspired countless imitations. In his 30-plus years as a solo artist, Saunderson has recorded hard-hitting techno under several aliases, including Reese, Tronik House and E-Dancer, releasing many on his record label KMS, which has also released work from artists like R-Tyme, Blake Baxter and Chez Damier. Of late, Saunderson has passed on his love of electronic music to his children Dantiez and DaMarii, both of whom have become producers and DJs.

In his lecture at the Red Bull Music Academy 2018 Berlin, Saunderson explored the history of Detroit techno, from his early musical experiments alongside Atkins and May to mainstream success with Inner City and creating the first ever dance remix.

Hosted by Christine Kakaire”

Watch HERE.