[write] RED BULL MUSIC ACADEMY: Key Tracks – Cat Stevens’ “Was Dog a Doughnut?”


‘In the context of (Izitso, a) relatively progressive album “Was Dog A Doughnut?” remains conspicuous. There is no trace of Cat Stevens to be found. It is entirely instrumental, and rides on a rigid, stuttering drum loop. A square wave riff repeats itself across a spectrum of layered frequencies, with parts appearing and vanishing at will. A barking dog provides occasional punctuation. The track’s latter half warms up with humanistic touches, but the artists responsible are no less out of place: the loose-limbed funk of an electric guitar, and the warm, liquid keyboards are the product of guest appearances by master fusionists Ray Gomez and Chick Corea respectively.’

Key Tracks: Cat Stevens’ “Was Dog a Doughnut?”