[broadcast] Red Bull Radio: Tangerine Dream

“Tangerine Dream’s Thorsten Quaeschning discusses the new era of the iconic group, and recalls his time alongside the late Edgar Froese.

Tangerine Dream’s musical legacy is undoubtedly weighty, having influenced countless strains of electronic music since its inception in 1967. The group’s immensity can also be measured quantitatively — there have been numerous personnel changes over five decades, and upwards of 100 albums released. With the 2015 death of Edgar Froese, the group’s only remaining founding member, the current lineup of Tangerine Dream was faced with the unique challenge of continuing in the spirit of its figurehead, using his amassed unfinished works as a roadmap. The Berlin-born musician and composer Thorsten Quaeschning — who had been solicited via email by Froese to audition for studio work in 2004, becoming a fully-fledged member the year after — stepped into the role of music director after Froese’s death. In this Fireside Chat, Quaeschning recalls what drew him to Froese’s persona long before the fateful email, what made Froese such a good teacher and the eight years they worked side-by-side. He also details the decisions that faced the group in 2015, and how the legacy of Tangerine Dream is opening itself to yet another generation of electronic music lovers.

Interview by Christine Kakaire”

Listen HERE.