[broadcast] Red Bull Radio: Sadar Bahar

“Sadar Bahar shares the rare disco, soul and funk jams that laid the groundwork for his Chicago party series.

Despite growing up in Chicago during house music’s heyday, and developing close friendships with dance-music progenitors Ron Hardy and Frankie Knuckles, Sadar Bahar is widely known as the man who puts the “soul in the hole.” Alongside his childhood friend and frequent DJ partner Lee Collins, the pair’s Soul In the Hole Chicago events are considered to be the vanguard of rare disco, groove and soul selectorship. Bahar says that disco “took [care of] our lives as children and now it’s taking care of us as adults.” This reflects the worldwide acclaim that he and Collins have garnered through the Soul In the Hole-related tours, a compilation for BBE Records and occasional vinyl edits. Opening up his record bag for Headphone Highlights, Bahar presents some of his favorite rare jams from Chicago and beyond, plus he discusses what makes a party and why the digging never truly stops.

Interview by Christine Kakaire”