[broadcast] Red Bull Radio: Robyn

“The Swedish superstar discusses grief, therapy and sensuality, and how they all fed into her highly anticipated new album, Honey.

Swedish singer and songwriter Robin Miriam Carlsson is one of the most celebrated and enduring pop-music icons. After her major label debut spawned her first international hit, “Show Me Love,” she seemed poised for pop success — her subsequent albums in that decade did not deliver on that promise, but her re-emergence as an independent dance-pop artist in 2005 far exceeded any forecasts. Known for her confessional songwriting style and heartfelt anthems, Robyn’s two self-released albums from this period, Robyn and the Body Talk trilogy, cemented her reputation as a singular voice of uncategorizable expression. After an eight-year period that saw her collaborate with dance acts Mr Tophat and La Bagatelle Magique — but where she also experienced life-changing grief, sadness and self-examination — Robyn broke her hiatus with the new album Honey in autumn 2018. In this Fireside Chat, Robyn discusses some of these emotional periods, as well as Honey’s expressions of sensuality, her new songwriting approach, grief as creative fuel and maturing as a pop star.

Interview by Christine Kakaire”

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