[interview feature] BOILER ROOM >> Shed: Shunning The Present

‘Nobody likes to be misunderstood. Some are just better at shrugging it off than others. René Pawlowitz, otherwise known as Shed, is one of the best. Pulling a no-show for our first scheduled interview played directly into a reputation that has followed him since the release of his agenda-setting debut album, Shedding The Past, in 2008. He is regularly cast as a saviour of modern techno, whose compulsive, obsessive riffs on 1990s breakbeats are precisely the thing needed to propel the genre forward. He’s also been lumped with the mantle of techno’s grumpy uncle: a potentially uncooperative interview subject with a bit of a loose mouth, a contrarian antagoniser to those who support him, possibly reclusive, certainly evasive.

It turns out that Pawlowitz is really none of these things.’

Shed: Shunning The Present


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